2010. 04. 12.

Babapalota II.

Nagyon klassz hely ez a MÜPA, jó volt itt fotózgatni. :)

3 megjegyzés:

Csirmaz Zoltán írta...

Micsoda "terepasztal"!!!

Ana Carla Vannucchi írta...

Hello .... gush!!! all the photos from the main frame are just fantastic, all of them are perfect!
Would mind telling me why "Café Rio"... it's saounds so brazilian for me ..

Mándi Emese írta...

Many thanks Carla!
Two years ago I decided to make a place on the internet that works like a café, a net café.. we can discuss anything about photography. And the picture from where the title is this one:
Café Rio
Taken in Transylvania.